Was my reply RUDE? Opinion needed.

I dated ex for 9 months and I broke up with him. During our relationship I obviously became friends with his brother’s girlfriend. Of course I was cool with her but she always talked crap about everyone to me. She even pulled me aside one time and told me that after dating him 2 months we should be “official”. I personally thought it was none of her business what our relationship status was. So I ignored her and kept cool. Now we are broken up and she only text when she’s bored or needs something.Yesterday, after not hearing anything from her in almost 2 months she texts me just to say hi. I replied “OMG stranger! How are you? You must be bored if your texting me? lol” She replied by saying “Oh I thought about and was wondering how you been? Weird huh?” I never replied back…WAS IT RUDE OF ME or Do I have a right to feel used. I personally believe, I'm not here for her entertainment and I wouldn’t mind being friends if she genuinely cared…opinions?

NOTE: I have not spoken to my ex or any of his friends since the break up.
Was my reply RUDE? Opinion needed.
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