Was my reply RUDE? Opinion needed.

I dated ex for 9 months and I broke up with him. During our relationship I obviously became friends with his brother’s girlfriend. Of course I was cool with her but she always talked crap about everyone to me. She even pulled me aside one time and told me that after dating him 2 months we should be “official”. I personally thought it was none of her business what our relationship status was. So I ignored her and kept cool. Now we are broken up and she only text when she’s bored or needs something.Yesterday, after not hearing anything from her in almost 2 months she texts me just to say hi. I replied “OMG stranger! How are you? You must be bored if your texting me? lol” She replied by saying “Oh I thought about and was wondering how you been? Weird huh?” I never replied back…WAS IT RUDE OF ME or Do I have a right to feel used. I personally believe, I'm not here for her entertainment and I wouldn’t mind being friends if she genuinely cared…opinions?

NOTE: I have not spoken to my ex or any of his friends since the break up.


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  • hey, at least you didn't cuss her out. I think you did just fine.

    i guess the best thing to do is calmly tell her you'd rather not be friends and end it there. if she gives you sh*t then its her problem from there. the ball's in her court after that and she can do what ever she wants as long as it doesn't have to do with you.

  • i don't think it was rude of you not to reply. if you don't want to be friends with her then you don't have to be. that's probably something I would do if I were in your situation.

    • Thanks I feel relieved :)

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