Will ear gauges grow in?

OK, so I've started to gauge my ears and I'm at an 18 right now which is basically the smallest you can go. I want to get really small ones like Maci's off of Teen Mom. I don't want huge ones, maybe just size 12 or so, so that they're only teeny holes.

My question is, Do you know if they grow back in? Because I don't want gross ears in case I end up getting sick of them, and I don't want stitches on my ears if they don't.


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  • I have 8 gauge lobes right now and you still can't even see through the hole. You could tell that they're slightly bigger than a normal piercing, but it's barley noticeable. 12 gauge is a full millimeter smaller than 8 gauge so its even less noticeable. At such a small size, it will without a doubt close up. Even if it didn't, it probably wouldn't matter since the hole is so small anyway.

    On another note, make sure you stretch properly link Also, 18 gauge is interchangeable with 20 gauge since they're only .2 millimeters different in size. Regular earrings can come in either 20g or 18g. You could go straight to 16 if you want to. But don't skip sizes after that.


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  • i think your talking about 12 gauge right? if so they will deff shrink back within like a week

    however if you mean 12 mm (1/2'') its not likely the point of no return is roughly between a 4g and 0g but remember that stretching is extremly adicting my original goal size was 10g and my lobes ar at a 0g now and still going up,

    • Yeah it is addicting. So yeah I was meaning 12 like very very small hole. So will I be able to wear normal earrings after they shrink?

    • Ya deff plus if you buy tunnels ul b able to wear regular earings through them ul jus need to make sure you keep plugs and them basicly all the time till you wanna shrink them have fun o nvr stretch with double flare plugs ul deff blowout your ears

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