Why do you get back with your ex if she treated you badly the first couple of times?

I don’t understand why this guy behaved in this way, so give me an insight. This guy I was seeing for 2 months started communicating with his ex girlfriend again, at first he wouldn’t care about her calling him when I was with him at his house, but then it started to become more frequent, and every time I was with him she would call more and more, he never hid the fact that they sometimes still kept in contact. Then he went to her hometown where she lives to tour and that’s when he started to become distant. He always had ‘it’s complicated relationship status , I saw one day she randomly had after he visited her hometown as she lives 12 hours away her status as single was then replaced with in an open relationship. Then one day he told me that he likes me but he doesn’t want a relationship and as soon as he does he will be in one with me seeing as he went through a messy breakup the previous year, and was in no right mind to get back in one straight away, even though his ex relationship had been on and off for the last three years. After I decided I can’t be bothered with him being indecisive with me, we decided to cool things, as he said that I was never clear on how I exactly felt with him and he promised me that he wouldn’t get back with his ex, and even if she moves to our hometown , he said they probably wouldn’t even get back together .Then that day his ex girlfriend’s relationship status changed to say she was going out with him, but you couldn’t see it on his profile. Then a week later he contacted me saying he was so sorry and he wasn’t sure of my feelings and that he had no intention of getting back to his ex but when he went back to his ex’s hometown they started talking and that’s where it picked off and he implied that any guy would be crazy not to have me , that I should give myself more credit that I could get anyone I wanted, we talked all day over face book chat and it was the first time in the previous month that he took an real interest in what was going in on my life, he even told me he missed me and wanted to catch up and have coffee and celebrate his birthday with him. Then the next day , he was ignoring me once again and he wouldn’t talk to me over face book as I know he was online to talk all day as he was replying to other wall posts and was also talking to my friend on chat. So I deleted him once , he didn’t notice and when I re added him and I find out that the same day he apologized to me he also put going back out with his ex as relationship status , so I deleted him and he hasn’t questioned why I did again, I know he would have taken notice. Does this mean I delete all his friends on face book that I met through him, I want him to be jealous that I have moved on? I JUST WANT TO GET OVER HIM, he has moved on so why can’t I? , why is he back with his ex , when he confided to me that she was a bitch to him and the brake up was horrible. I do not understand


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  • Stupidity, low self esteem, "she's the only one who ever had sex with me," lots of reasons.

    • So there's nothing I can do? to even try get him back?

    • If he wants to be with her than he's just going to be with her. I have been in situations like that with girls who "went back" to abusive boyfriends and in the end I just walked away and let them be.

    • Thank you for helping me out , I'm just going to start working out , looking hotter and move on , why should I dwell on his actions if he doesn't worry about me

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