Are you ever going to like me?

i go to a small school. each grade has about 120 people. & there is no guys left. they are all either not interested or have a girlfriend. WHY?


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  • Don't over exaggerate, your school is bigger than mine. There are guys left, your just overlooking them.

    • Probably. No one just shows interest in me though.

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    • I did do that, and he rejected me.

    • The first time you try it is not always going to work, it takes persistence, and eventually you will get experience. Go for the guys that aren't as high first, take it slow, get some knowledge on what to do, and then work your way up to the guys you like.

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  • And you live 20,000 leagues away from contact with anyone outside of your school, ey?

    • I don't like long distance relationships. I don't have enough trust for anyone. or have a carr.

    • I don't mean that. I mean surely there's other people in your town, or even village, or wherever your from, who doesn't attend your school? Or a nearby town, village, so on, that's easy to get to.

  • Quit bitching. I go to a big school. This year there are about 4,000 girls at my school, and I've been rejected by about 1/5~1/4 of them. 120 rejections are nothing.

    • I bet your secretly a big ladies man, this is all a facade.

      'Errghh, say cruel things to me Eddy'

    • LOL. No, I'm being serious. XD

    • Mmhm thanks for the advice.

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  • Well that's just your luck :-/ don't give up hope, I'm sure there's one guy for you :-)


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