My girlfriend has gone to university. please help!

Me and my girlfriend have been going out for about a year now and I've known her for two years. She loves me deeply and I love her too. She never cheated on her first boyfriend (the one before me )which was the only other person she's had sex with. I know this for a fact because I know her entire social circle and I know she's not a slut.She looks pretty hot and has big boobs. Will my girlfriend feel the need to cheat on me at uni?

She goes to a A grade uni but every one there wants to party.She texts me all the time. She's in halls with 6 boys and 6 girls and her uni is extremely party orientated. She says she wouldn't cheat on me and I told her if she was gonna be unfaithful then she may as well end it cos I don't wanna get hurt an she says I'm being stupid.. I just need to know do girls cheat for no reason do you think she would? even tho I'm certain she loves me I just think shell meet someone else because there's so many boys there and I'm about 50 miles away from her


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  • You have to trust her or your relationship will never workout. If you keep on thinking thta she will cheat on you then you will become stressed though I think you probably already stressed and that would show in the phone conversations with her and also the time you spend with her would be fill with you worring at every little sigh that might point her cheating. She will notice the change and it would not be fun hanging out with you who should trust them with everything acting like they are a slut who would sleep around at the first chance she gets. I would be really offened if my boyfriend ever doubted me of being loyal cause if he didn't even trust me with that then what's the point of dating?

    Just trust in your girlfriend to do what is right =P


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