Why won't she text me back?

i have been texting this girl for about 2-3 weeks now and I always text her first and try to carry a deep conversation most of the time and one day she just didn't text me back we were in the middle of a conversation and there was no reply. it has been 4 days since I heard from her last. I thought maybe she needs some space so I didn't text her one day thinking she would text me. I have tried to call her a few times but no answer. does anyone have any advice?


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  • Maybe she doesn't know how to respond? What did you say?

    • Idk what I said we were talking one day and I had to go back to work and I text her when I got off and I haven't heard from her in 4 days and I have text her a few times saying hey or in the morning just telling her good morning

    • Well...in that case, it looks like she lost interest :|

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  • maby it's her phone cause I was in deep convo with my boyfriend and my phone just froze it was like that for hours and then it just came back a day later. I had to get a new phone but that could be why, or maby you said somenthing that she didn't know how 2 respond to.

  • I would send her a final text saying that you miss hearing from her and to have her text you back when she is ready. Either she lost interest in your conversations, met someone else, or wants more than a txting relationship. Either way - send a final text and wait to hear back. But don't put your life on hold in the mean time.

    • Im gonna wait and talk to her in person I will see her tomorrow and talk to her about what's going on even tho I really do wanna talk to her now I just don't feel the same without talking to her

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