Is it hard for men not to cheat?

The media makes it seem like men have a really hard time not cheating. Is it really as difficult as we are lead to believe for men to be faithful? If so, do most men cheat then?


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  • Of course its much harder..what kind of a question is that?

    Woman just have to go outside, walk up to a guy and bam they get laid. Hell and you even have a line of men to choose from.

    Men have to ask her out on a date, make sure we are fit, have a good job or make it look like we are successful, take her out on a date time after time. spend money and all that great stuff to just get laid. Even if she's an easy chick we still have to put up with the nonsense.And while we are doing that we still have to fight each other to just get with the girl to begin with.

    Its always been one sided.

    So when a guys in a relationship he tends to stay faithful because why would he go through all that nonsense again when he has landed the girl he wanted and worked so hard to be with? Of course some D-Bags still cheat because woman are drawn to them. but if he is a normal guy he won't cheat. But if he is in a relationship where his wife uses sex to get things from him or as a reward system then he will cheat. I honestly hate that game. I would just take it up with the woman and if things didn't work out I will leave. Why the hell should I have to buy or do everything in the house just to get a little affection while you get what you want when you want it.


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  • It's pretty easy to just not have sex with someone. Even the Neanderthals among the population could work out that keeping your pants on would prevent it..

    I'm pretty confident most cheaters could be considered to fall into the classification "douchebags".

    • Good point. I think the "douchebags" just give the rest of men a bad name, which is pretty unfair.

  • Not most , some do cheat however . Most of them are opportunistic , they may cheat or not cheat based on situation.

  • only when our gfs are being ...

  • yes, we are animals that can hardly control ourself.


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  • Everybody, male and female is capable of cheating. However... Men are seen as studs if they have a rather large collection of sexual partners in their world, whilst in ours women who do the same thing are seen as sluts. Not just by other women but men also.

    I have had a really hard time with most of the men I've ever dated as personally I'm not the most confident person in regards to myself, my looks and so on. Hearing them talk about their own ex's with no harsh words in almost an admirable tone about them mentally and physically, as well as them talking about how "hot" that girl behind the bar in such a place for example; doesn't exactly inspire me with confidence and I highly doubt it would with any other woman. "What have they got that I haven't and why do you want it?"

    It's instances like this that give men this bad reputation in regards to them cheating or possibly cheating... because it makes us feel INSECURE. Hence why women will at some point; think their man maybe cheating or thinking about it.

    And when you're constantly bombarded with stories about celeb husbands cheating on their women by either shacking up with their child's nanny because she "seduced him" or staggering out of a hookers house to go home back to their 8 month gone pregnant wife who feels so sore and sick from their unborn child that she doesn't want to have sex with her man who has gone to get his kicks elsewhere, this doesn't exactly give men a good reputation. But when have you ever seen a several month long headline story of a celebrity woman cheating on her man in that way?

  • Yes,all guys will cheat if they get the opportunity.

    They blame it for being "biological" but when the girl cheats she's just a whore/slut etc.

    You can either put up with it or go les

    • Fuck you're an idiot :P Plenty of guys do have morals and would never cheat. Even in australia where we're far less conservative. Not saying that I'm one of those guys, but I do know a lot of them.

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    • Hmmm I'm wondering how the hell you got to level 10 because you're certainly not an expert.

    • And I'm wondering why you're commenting on my sh*t,oh wait,you certainly are a moron

  • It shouldn't be any harder than it is for females.


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