How can I know which of my question are marked "annoy"?

questions and answers marked as annoy?

i figured it out =]


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  • Well simple. Like your's. On your pic it says annymous and with mine it don't say that.

    When you go to submit a question it gives you an option to remain anonymous.

    If it was a girl it would be pink and it would say on the pic anonymous

    • HAhAHA, this is hilarious. At first I gave your answer a funny look thinking what the hell is this girl sayin? Then I realized that I had mistaken "anony" for "Annoy" and I Had been thinking I must have annoyed ( p*ssed em off ) some people with my x number of questions and answers so far. Now how do I choose this as the best answer?

    • Go to your questions and above each answer there's anoter tick box saying "best answer"

    • Well you've selected it.


      I knew what you meant though

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  • Two ways; one, when you go to update it there us an anonymous tick box to the left of the update button, if this is ticked you are anonymous and vice versa (this only applies for questions) two, when you go to look at your answers/questions in the list of all of your answers/questions then the anonymous ones have a small angel/halo sign next to the title whereas those that are not anonymous will not.


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