Ever reached the point where, after breaking up with your ex, you think you made a mistake?

Ever reached the point, after breaking up with your ex that you think "sh*t, what did I do?" If so, how did you react to it?

I know I have in the past, and it was a huge mistake. I had a guy chasing me around ALL of the time. I stopped speaking to my ex after we broke up and he kept chasing me and asked if he could leave me alone so I could move on with my life. About 4 months later, I saw that he had moved on with his life and didn't need me anymore. I guess it was quite an ego thing in my case, but whatever the reason, I wanted him back. I hurt for months and months about it, and eventually he actually messaged me and we got back together!

  • Yes, and I told my ex how I felt
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  • Yes, but I didn't tell my ex
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  • No, I haven't really thought about it
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  • My second girlfriend! I dumped her about 7 years ago. now that I am thinking about it I can't even come up with a reason as per why I did this. it took me about 3 years to realize that I have made a huge mistake. Last I checked up on her 2008, ahe was happy with this guy we both went to school with. well she messaged me on facebook about a month ago. with the how are you, where have you been? I responded we talked for a while. I didn't say anything to her, because 1) I didn't know where to begin lol 2) she seems happy with this guy. I had my chance with her and I blew it. so now if she wants to come back when I'm availaible I will gladly work it out. but until then I'm living my life

    • Well it sounds like you still love her but you want to play the feild and it also sound like she loves to 2 are she wouldn't have messaged you give your self some time to think and then go from there

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What Guys Said 3

  • i'll answer the e category... It's somewhat cold and I freely admit that, but I get that my ex's where that way for a reason. I remember the good times and take pride and enjoy that I shared those things, but I get that the next one around the corner is always an improvement... It's always been true, so my next one is going to be out of this world... can't wait

  • Never. Never ever. If things were going to work out, we never would have been exes.

    I did hook up with an ex once at a mutual friend's wedding. But after the wild night of sex and naughtiness, we just realized we still couldn't stand each other outside of the bedroom.

  • one more thing, lets say this ex of yours that you made a mistake about. how long after did you stilllove or have feelings for him? would you give it another shot ifhe was to knock at your door ? lets say after a year

    • I still had feelings for my ex a year later. I didn't have the guts to contact him to tell him how I felt in case he turned me down, like I did to him. Luckily, we bumped into each other one night and he spoke to me. Things that are meant to be always find a way.

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    • Yeah, a couple, I still thought about him though

    • Hey can you message me, I need help with a few concerns, ifeel you can help me because you're basically in the same position as my ex. I would appreciate it .thx

What Girls Said 5

  • I regretted breaking up with him as soon as the words came out of my mouth. It didn't even take me a week to come crying to him and saying I regretted it. But it still took some time after that for things to work themselves out and for him to be able to trust me again.

    It was complicated at the time, but we're happy now and I think I could never take him for granted again because of that.

  • I didn't do the breaking up, but I instigated the argument that lead to the break up. I regret it everyday and should have realized that it was external stressors that were bothering me- not my boyfriend. But now, with all the stress and drama from before the argument he just doesn't see how we'd work together and I don't know if he'll ever give us another chance.

    • I think you 2 will get back together just give it sometime give yourself and him some space just don't give up

    • I'm worried though-it's been 5 months, we're long distance and even though he apologised for the things he did to contribute to it and has told me he frequently misses me I just don't know what to do.

    • I've also gone through that, too. I started the argument which led to the break up and he couldn't give me another chance after it. I felt absolute crap for ages. I felt to blame for the break up.

  • Never! If the relationship was meant to be, we wouldn't have broken up. Whenever I think I made a mistake, I look at the reason why we broke up. Then I remember that I never want to go back to him.

    Besides, I believe if you go back into a relationship, the same problem will occur again.

    So that's why I say never.

  • I never look back. I know why I ended it and leave it at that. No regrets!

  • u know iam going thought the same thing iam happy to hear that things worked out for you do your best to keep himand don't let nothing come between you 2


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