What does my ex want?!

alright, this is probably going to be quite long, but I'll try to keep it as short as possible.

I was with this guy, for two months, but talked for about 4. He broke up with this girl, for me. He told me he was immediately attracted to me when we first met. The first month and a half was amazing. And I did love him. Still do. And he told me he really loved me with all his heart. He acted real into me when he was with this one group of friends. But then he started hanging with this other guy, a guy who got around with a lot of different girls. And so one night, my boyfriend..well, now ex, got mad at me because I was talking to this guy, who always flirted with me. *Keep in mind I DID NOT flirt back. I knew when to stop talking to him. I mean, he would talk to girls here and there. So I didn't see the problem. We got into an argument and I told him if it was a big deal, I could take the dude out of my life.

NO big deal.

And he came to a conclusion that he didn't make me happy. So he ended it.

4 days later, we hung out. And the 4 days of being broken up, we still acted like we went out.

So I wanted to know what we were doing. And asked what was going to happen with 'us' and he said I don't want to let you go. I love you more than anyone. and care about you more than anything. Your the only one I want to be with. I just don't want a relationship.

--i know this may sound like an easy exit for him.

but the way my ex was is he doesn't care on feelings, he'll say what's on his mind, meaning he doesn't lie.

And the difference with his ex and me when breaking up.

he didn't care about breaking up with her at all.

he was happy.

but with me, he told me I was the only girl he ever cried over.

About 2 days later, we had plans to hang out, so I went with my friend to this guys house (who is also my exes friend that I liked him hanging with) and my ex was with the guy who got around with girls. and he got jealous that I was going to his friends house..

what is he doing?

(sorry it was so long!)


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  • I think the question is - what do you want?


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  • What is he doing? He is being an immature child. You need to tell him to grow up or move on.


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  • He is trying to understand himself…. Because none of hiserratic behavior makes sense. If he means what he says in terms of love and caring he wants a relationship even though he does not admit. Guys do get jealous easily but mature ones get over it and don’t make it a big deal. So, it seems like “I don’t want a relationship “is becoming very popular statement in relationships when people don’t know how to express their feelings. To me, this guy is acting like he wants a relationship. He is immature, and afraid that he may get hurt…. Give him some space to be and sort it out if you can.


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