Tired of being the back up plan?

With the girls that I have dated in the past eventually stopped answering my calls and wouldn't return my calls. There is this one girl I went out recently who started doing this foolishness and feel like calling her back and just letting her know that I like her. I am getting tired of these little games. Before with previous I would keep calling the girl, but that never work. Right now I read on the board that I shouldn't ignore her, but the thing is 90% of those who said that were girls. Don't know what to do in this situation since my previous method doesn't work.


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  • Well now it's time to swing the big d*** and let them know that, these little childish games aren't going to happen anymore. She has had her fun and now it is your turn. Call her and do not tell her you like her. Simply call her and if she doesn't answer go ahead and leave a message, just say something like hey it's been a while since I've seen you, let's go out this weekend. Call me back so we can set up a time.

    If she doesn't call you back within a couple of days, take it as she doesn't like you, because if she did she would have called you back, and you both would be going on a date this weekend. If that is the case, don't call her again, and if she calls you out of the blue, like a week later, just say well well look who it is, thanks for calling me back. She will give you an excuse, something along the lines of well I have been busy, ya ya whatever its the oldest trick in the book, don't fall for it.

    At this point you can either ask her on another date, or you can drop her, that is up to you, but remember if she says yes, and then bails again, end of the line for her.

    Like I said don't tell her you like her, if you do it is game over for you, she will either say well I just want to be friends or she isn't looking for a relationship yet. When you actually talk to her in person, tell her look I am getting tired of these little games, and I'm not going to play them with you anymore, so here's the deal, I took time out of my busy schedule to spend quality time with you. But I am not going to waist my time setting up dates, and having you bail on me over and over, it will not happen anymore. If it does happen again, well I am going to take as you don't care, and I will find someone who does care.

    Swing the big d*** my friend and don't ever let women do that to you again.

  • well... If they aren't returning your calls, how do you know you are the "back up plan" and not just a guy they don't want to talk to? Are these girls leading you on? What's giving you the impression you are the back up plan?

    • Okay for the situation I am in right now, the girl would call out of the blue when it seemed like she was bored. Also did this just the other day.

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