We keep getting in trouble..... what should I do?

so I love my girlfriend with all my heart and she loves me too but lately we have gotten caught making out a lot. we got caught at the library, in school when I walked her to class, after school by her sisters ex (who may or may not have told her sister). I feel bad that I keep getting her in trouble, I love kissing her and she is always willing to share a kiss with me but I still can't help feeling like it's my fault and she might get a reputation. I especially don't want her parents to somehow find out that their little girl has been kissing her boyfriend in public because that wouldn't be good for either of us. the easy answer is stop kissing her but that might make her feel like she did something wrong which she definitely hasn't. can someone help me out here?


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  • Well, it sounds like she enjoys kissing you! If this kind of thing happened with my boyfriend, I wouldn't be mad at him; I'd be mad at whoever was catching us. You could definitely voice this concern to your girlfriend, ya know, say what you just said to us, but straight up, bro: a kiss is a kiss. It's not against the law (though it may be against school rules), and EVERYONE does it. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

    It takes two to kiss. It's not like your forcing her to kiss you in public. I'm sure she's well aware of the consequences to your actions.

    If you REALLY feel the need to physically do something about this, then I would talk to your girlfriend about it before doing anything. Some things you could possibly do are to just hang out in less crowded places, have date nights where you'll have privacy to make out as you please--that kind of stuff. It doesn't mean you can't ever just give her a kiss in public! It's a kiss, ffs :P

    • Well we talked about it last night and decided no real making out in certain areas of the school but other places are OK. thanks for the advice

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  • I was going to say this is another one where communication is the easy answer. Just explain to her your concerns and make clear that you love being affectionate and just are looking out for her. Apparently you talked about it and resolved it. So score another one for good communication. :)

    • Thanks bro haha. this helps alll the same

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