Should I have told him that I was pregnant?

I'm 23, he's 21. We've been together for 3 years. I mentioned moving in together about a couple months ago and he said he wasn't ready. I asked him if he ever considered getting married and having kids. (I didn't mean right this second. But he took it that way). He got mad and said yes but that he wasn't ready yet. I just wanted to know if that's something we see for the future.

He then told me that the more I ask, the longer he'd take. (As a way to shut me up. I guess.) but I had only ever asked three times in our 3 years together.

So I got a job offer about a month and a half ago, around the same time I found out I was pregnant. The current job I have is so-so. It's only part time and no health insurance. (I'm an Nurse Practitioner) I got a job offer in a big city, 6 hrs Away but full time, 4 times the pay, and insurance. I accepted it.

I gave my boyfriend a scenario of this. Like, what would he do if I got a job offer like this. If he would come with me. And he got mad and said his whole life is here in our small town. And that he's still got a year left of college. And that he can't drop everything, etc, etc.

It was our anniversary two weeks ago, we went to the beach (we live like an hour away from it). Had an amazing time. I start my new job this upcoming Monday, and yesterday I asked him about having kids. Again, got mad at me for bringing it up and said he wasn't ready. Just had to make sure, I guess. I asked for a break, he got beyond pissed and left.

I just want to know if I'm making the right choice. Like why tell him if he's repeatedly said he's not ready? I won't be asking for child support or whatever. This new job is enough to support me and my baby.
Should I have told him that I was pregnant?
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