Should I chase after him?

Been seeing this guy for about a month. Its very new but it had been going very well. The other day I saw him he said he wanted me to meet his dad thats visiting the area and I agreed. But for the last few days he hasn't been texting me or talking to me at all. I messeged him 3 days ago talking about something funny and said good morning tihde day after but since then the conversations been dead. He's been posting happy photos and everything... I have been very careful this time and trying to stay in the moment instead of talking about anything too personal while its still new... just wish I knew what I did wrong..
Forget him. Life's too short.
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Try one more time. He might've forgot to answer.
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He's playing games, waiting for you to keep chasing.
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You're overthinking it. He'll come around.
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He's bored of you
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Should I chase after him?
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