He takes days to get back to me.

met this guy on dating site.. we talked and really hit it off, we talked everyday all day, we got along so well.. we chatted and texted or emailed back and forth for almost two months before we met, as he was across country on business. fast forward, we have met, and gone out maybe 5 times in a month and a half and now I can only contact him through email, and he takes days to get back to me. help me and tell me please, what's up with this dude or is he a dud..


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  • Possibility of another relationship he is in, thought he could hit the dating scene and get a couple of quick hook-ups in, either he got what he wanted, or didn't get what he wanted and moved along. I would be willing to bet he's still on the same dating site, probably multiple ones and doing the same thing all over again. Not sure what site you are using, but from what I hear they are a hot spot for people on the prowl for quick hook-ups.

  • DUD! From everyday to "he takes days to get back to me" - he was faking who he was to get a girlfriend.

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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