My family got us both as a present 2 paid tickets to the Bahamas.


OK so my ex boyfriend and I split up just a month ago. so my family got us both as a present 2 paid tickets to the Bahamas. paid hotel/ and paid rental car for may. Not only that but they made reservation for the both of us for January to go to panama city, fl. I've mentioned it to him (we do still talk) I explained to my family him and I are no longer together. they are very generous and said he can just have it and he will see what he does with it. you see when I told him that he said " I wouldn't feel right going w/o anyone but you though"... you see he has a girlfriend and I told him , we can't go together because of that. but he just keeps telling me "we will figure it out" and that "who knows we might be together by then"

what should I do?


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  • Ugh, okay, you guys have only been broken up for a month and he already has a girlfriend? AND he's not planning to be with her for very long because he's open to being back with you in 3 months? I'm sorry honey, I'm sure you still have deep feelings for him (which is TOTALLY understandable, you haven't been broken up that long at all!), but this guy sounds like a piece of work. Definitely, he sounds like he's a player...or trying to be and you don't deserve that at all!

    I say, why not just tell him that you've decided that you'll take the tickets. Then you and your best friend take a girls vacay and get away! It'll be fun and you'll give yourself some space from him because that's definitely what you need girl...clear the head and heart a little ya know? Then you can have a BLAST in the Bahamas...drama free! :)

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Ok so I think you shouldn't go with him he has a girlfriend and that is just triflin of him to say "we will figure it out"... If you go with him you would probably regret it so I would just let him go alone.. hope this helps


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