Mama's boy & married to his job issues. Do I stay?

My boyfriend is 32 & the only child.
We have the same arguements all the time. This last time we fought was on Valentine's because he came out late from his work & we had plans. So i refused to go out because of that & he got mad at me. The Arguements that we have is that he always get out his way for his mom for the smallest unnecessary things. but if it was me in the emergency room he would not leave his work early at all; the reason I say this is because I had found out I was pregnant & recently lost the baby & he did not bother to come out work early & that completely broke me. I expressed to him so many times how i feel that he is married to both his mom & job. His response is always that he is a mamas boy & that there's nothing he can do about his job. This last time we fought; i decided to not let it go & expressed one last time & i told him he has to come up with a solution because im tired of the same thing happening& its getting worse. So I ignored his messages the next day because its the same thing everytime. He says the same thing all the time& just brushes it off when we get back to normal and we never talk about it. The last time he had message me was the next day we had argued. So it has been about 7-8 weeks since we haven't talked. I love him but I just dont if i can be with a person that prefers his mom over anything & I definitely know it won't change if the day came to get married. Im just lost & dont know what to do? Time is passing by fast & i need to act quick before it's to late.
I need advice/opinions on what to do, I dont know if to save my relationship & just let that mama's boy issue, married to his job issue go? Or just move on. please help!
I would like to add that i have been very depressed, because i carried his child & unfortunately lost it; That made me feel very useless, suicidal & the fact he hasn't even bother to call me or anything to try save our relationship because he is mad at me about Valentine's day.
Mama's boy & married to his job issues. Do I stay?
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