To befriend his ex or not.....?

so its basically this guy that I met at a bar a few months back, he was really into me and we happen to have a few mutual friends but just never met eachother..anyway we haven't met up since because we both got busy --- in the mean time a mutual friend gave me the 411 on this guy's dating history and I happened to meet his ex recently, she's a really nice girl, we connected but I'm not sure what her intentions are -- our mutual friend I'm sure has told her about her ex's encounter with me as well-- that being said, I haven't brought up this guy with his ex (I'm not sure if that's why she became friends with me in the first place - keep your enemies close kind of deal) as yet; also she keeps showing up at all the parties we've been to since and he's disappeared since she and I made contact and I can't stop thinking about him...

- should I talk to her about him before I make a move with him

- stop pursuing him because it looks like she's still interested in him (but he looks like he's avoiding her)

- pursue him anyway because they broke up for a reason (whatever that is)


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  • Dude, unless she seems crazy, I think you may be reading too much into this. You haven't been told anything from a trusted source about her intentions and she's been nice so far, then just go with it. You don't have to be her best friend or even get that personal with her. But I don't see a reason why you can't be an acquaintance with her :).

    • Gosh..yeah I know its just that if I find she still likes him, I know I'll be guilted and won't pursue him

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