He hasn't called me back at all. What am I doing wrong? I really need some opinions

I have been single most of this year. I dated one of my good guy friends for almost 2 months and then he broke up with me in April this year. He used the "its not you its me" excuse and claimed I deserved better than him. Before him I hadn't had a boyfriend since high school. My boyfriend in high school I dated for 8 months my sophomore - junior year but I broke up with him. I wasn't ready for anything serious then. My guy friends that I am close to right now most of them I have known since grade school. Some of them consider me as "one of the guys" I'm not quite sure why though. I have hooked up with a few of my guy friends but haven't dated any of them except my ex-boyfriend this year. I really don't think I'm ugly. I've been told I'm pretty, sexy all of those things by different guys. I'm not desperate. I don't flirt with my guys friends. I'm just tired of being lonely and wondering what the hell I'm doing wrong? Oh also I exchanged numbers with a guy at work. He told me to call him this weekend so I called him Saturday and left him a voice mail. He hasn't called me back at all.

If you want to see what I look like just go to my facebook profile and look at my profile pictures... /cassandra.ellis is my URL

I should probably mention I DON'T wear any make-up at all because I think it's a waste of money and I just don't like the feel of it on my face.


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  • Well nice guys like the shy girls, I love the shy girls because I am a nice guy. Also, I find a woman confident enough to wear no makeup in public is nothing short of a beautiful person. Do not change your personality, because girls like you are seldom and coveted. Hang in there, he will find you :)


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  • In my mind,i'd like to choose a shy girl.Maybe you are too personnel try to put him at the first place in your heart .you will gain more


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  • I have never had a boyfriend either and I always wondered what I do wrong , Like maybe I act to desperate , I think guys get turned off by my openness about how I want a boyfriend I'm not ugly at all , maybe they do not want someone if other people think bad of them , I really don't know babe. Maybe you should just one night go out and have fun , dress up , put makeup on , then you will see how conceited and shallow most guys of our generation can be

    • Yeah shallow can definitely apply to my 20 year old brother. (he's a year younger than me) his girlfriend right now is pretty she could be a super model but she really lacks her own personality. I truly don't want to be like that. I don't want guys liking me just for my looks.

    • Yer same , I'm with you on that , lets find this out together , It makes me wonder half the time to babe

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