Making contact with ex girlfriend again after her rebound ends?

I was with a great girl for 8 months but we ended because she has real bad insecurity issues and saw me dancing with a female friend in a club and got the completely wrong idea. She immediately jumped into another guys arms thinking the grass was greener but I have just found out that they are on the brink of splitting up. We both work together although our contact is minimal. I would like to maintain some sort of contact with her but not sure the best way to approach her? I don't want to seem like I am rubbing it in her face that this relationship did not work. We are civil when we do talk, but like I said it is minimal. I care for her a lot and would like to be there as a friend even if nothing else.


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  • Then give her space. If her new relationship is ending and she wants to be with you believe me you'll be the first to find out. Just respect her decision and if she brings up her current boyfriend in conversation just say you don't want to talk about it because its none of your business and your not the right person to be talking to about it.

    By civil and be nice, but also give her enough space so that she can think about what she wants without any influence from anyone else.

    • Should I initiate contact though? If so how & when?

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  • The tough part is that you guys work you know the guy she is seeing also?

    • I know of him. It is a large establishment with 700+ employees so contact is minimal, although shifts do clash!

  • You need a powerful plan for this situation...listen to this girl's advice..she knows what she's talking about. I was in a similar situation and things worked out for me.. check her out before it's too late ==> link


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