I still like my ex and at times I feel like he likes me, he told me about 2 months ago that he liked me...

he didn't want to mess up our friendship because it took us like 6 months to talk again after we broke up, he said that he liked me though..

what is wrong with boys!


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  • Nothing!.just tell him you want both of you back together again..maybe he might get over what broke you both up and get along with u...

    • Haha I didn't mean it in a bad way, I'm just frusterated, this has being going on for a long time now, and I mean I don't think he's interested, but hten I don't know.. he like talks to me, but not all the time, and in our group of friends everyone is going out, excet for us..

      i don't want to say anything to him becasue he's the player type- he hooks up with girls over the summer for fun, and then comes back and like ma, all over again..

    • Well it seems like you wanna move on,pray that you find someone better and only have the thoughts of you 2 care 4...

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  • if it took 6 months to get back as friends, give it a year before going back to the next level...otherwise just stay as friends, or don't if you don't want to deal with it

    • But I still have feelings for him.. I don't wana jst let it be

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  • tell him you want to talk him. So when you guys hang out, talk about your feelings. Ask him why he still likes you. And if you guys do get back to getter, make sure you know what well be different in the relationship. hope this helped.

  • Um yeah. If he likes you and you like him, go for it. He obviously tried to get over you and failed. Hahaha I suppose it worked out well in the end ^^

    • Well see that's the problem.. I don't know if he likes me or not!

      i like him, kinda, but I don't know about him

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