What does my ex want from me?

It's been about 3 months since we broke up. And my birthday came along and he texts me exactly at midnight "Happy Birthday"

Then later in the day he e-mails me that he sent me a birthday gift in the mail and not to send it back.

Then he sends another email of the first chapter of his story and that he'd like me to read it.

I've started dating and pretty much moved on. Then on his b-day to be polite I tell him Happy Birthday as well. He texts back Thanks. A couple days later he sends a text saying I should tell him what I thought of his chapter and that if I didn't read it never mind.

I don't get what he wants from me?

Does he want to get back together?

Does he want me to still think about him?

Is this his way of making himself feel better because he knows he was a sh*tty bf? (He cheated)

Also he is still with the girl he left me for...so it really doesn't make sense..
I feel like he wants me to be mad...like ha ha you still care! ...which makes me wanna not give a sh*t...
Turns out he did want me back...but I didn't want him :)


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  • Yes to all of them I think :)

    It seems like he's trying to be nice to you so that you start thinking of him in a good way. My suggestion is that if you don't want to talk to him then ignore him. If he texts you again then just say "No present or nice text will ever change the fact that you were a crap boyfriend and you cheated on me so I suggest you move on cause I have"

    Thats a sure fire way to get him worked up :)

    • Yeah haha, that's a little over the top I just want him to leave me alone not neccessarily get him mad, but he is starting to annoy me. Because beforehand, he wasn't on my mind at all really, and it was nice, now I'm beginning to think about him more, and even have a dream. Not like positive thoughts just thinking about him in general, or wondering what's the purpose of what he is doing.

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  • Exactly, so what I'm saying is not over the top at all. He's messing you about and you know it.

    Maybe if he's still with this other girl he's just trying to see if he can attract you at the same time.

    Who cares if he gets wound up over the text! he cheated on you remember?

    Your not saying anything cruel or hurtful, your just being brutally honest with him and maybe he'll think twice before cheating on someone next time :)

    • Yeah plus my annoyance is buliding up I may just explode and say something like that hahah

  • He cheated, you should not give a sh*t, close that chapter forever and block his number.

    In 2006 I was madly in love with a girl and she cheated, so I dumped her, and she kind of would call or IM me once or twice every year after words, and I could tell from the tone of her voice, and from how I felt, we both felt like it was a strange moment, that feeling means it can't be fixed. its caused by the heart putting the sheild up.

  • The only reason that a guy stays in touch like that is if he is not over you and wants to get back together. If you are considering getting back together with him, then reconcile your differences. Otherwise, the next time he communicates with you, remind him that it is over and you have no interest in talking to him. Do not initiate a dialog with him, and if he persists, do not respond to his texts and emails.

  • I'm happy for you that you have managed to move on and decide what was best for you. And I hope he now realizes what he's lost :)

    GOod luck

    • Yeah, feel like now he realizes everything, but it's too late. And yes, I am doing what is best no more crying or worrying and stressing :) thanks for the advice! Although I do still think of him but I feel like that's natural because it was my dream for 3 years but yeah haha.

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  • *sigh* Yes cheating is wrong and he royally f***ed up, but that doesn't mean he didn't/doesn't care for you. He may still care deeply for you or even love you and just want to try and be good to you in any way he can. I'm not saying to trust him or take him back, just accept that he may truly feel bad for what he did and for hurting you. But he did it once, so you know he has it in him to do it again.

  • He may want you to be jealous. first, think about why you guys broke up. Second, if you were to be together again, you guys should be single not in relationship right now. Think before making a decision.

  • he probably does want to get back with you.it really depends why you guys broke up and if you would still want to get back with him


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