My ex girlfriend broke up with me, this came without warning. Trying to understand?

My ex girlfriend broke up with me , this came without warning , one day we or good two days later she hit me with the big let down, she didn't call me she just texted me stated I can't do this anymore goodbye, she asked me not to text her or even call her anymore, of course I'm trying to see what was going on so like anyone else I called, when I finally got her on the phone she was very short with me telling me I will call you back but never do , I try calling again this time she says you know why , her reasons didn't make sense I asked is there someone else she says no she just need time to breath. Here's the crazy part weeks later she learned I was transported to the hospital she texted me saying she will be there I texted her back telling her not to come sense I'm not allowed to call her or come by her home, later I decided to asked her to have dinner with me she text me back saying OK but only dinner, days before the dinner was suppose to take places she text me saying I can't do dinner with ME again saying don't text or call , funny thing is this whole process she's telling me how much she will always love me how I will always be in her heart and how great of a guy I am. WHATS WITH THIS


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  • The more you go after her, the more she will run away. She is getting a kick out of this trust me. When you chase a woman, it gives her power and puts her on a pedistal that she doesn't deserve to be on. She dumped you, and even if it's for a stupid reason or not, that's all the closure you need. Trust me when I say that she was thinking about leaving you for a while now, it was just sudden for you not her. She "cares" for you, but that's only in a civil standard. Do yourself a favor and stop trying to talk to her. She wants to probably keep you in her life the way she wants, but don't fall for that. DON'T BE FRIENDS WITH HER if (when) she suuggests it. Go out and meet other women and have fun. Since she said she needed to breath, she probably felt that you were clingy and you were smoothering her. The only way to prove to her that you are strong is to not chase her. Move on, stay strong, keep the dignity you have left, and if she contacts you ignore her.


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  • most probably... she's seeing someone...

    bout the msgin part.. I think maybe she still confuse?


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  • • One day, she didn't call. She just "took off" saying goodbye and stuff.

    • You got "WTF is going on?" and you called her (normal reaction I agree)

    • She starts saying things like "I will call you back" and no?

    • Weeks later, you were at the hospital and she called saying she be there for you

    • You said no since it seems redundant

    • Then you changed and decided to have dinner with her.

    • She agrees and then canceled.

    This is really from my point of view:

    I think what's done has been done. The love you two shared is just memories. Probably because she feels things will be the same again if you two get together?

    It looks like you two are hesitant about something. my ex does this kind of stuff because she misses me but we get a little "god actually, I don't wanna see your face." sort of way.

    so its like we are playing ping pong. things are getting passed around and nothing happening.

  • Yea, breakups tend to make people do weird things...check this will help you decode what she's saying ==> link


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