How do I get over my first love?

I recently broke up with my first boyfriend of 7mouths and I still love him very much but for some reason he just doesn't feel the same anymore.

We did everything together and were inseparable, I was his first girlfriend too and we both lost are virginity together. He says he still wants to be friends but it just hurts so much and I can't imagine life with out him, he's see side's of me no one else has ever and I've told him my deepest, darkest secrets.

I just don't understand why, we were so good together and we had a very passionate, strong relationship but he says he doesn't love me back, I've done everything for him and tried to be the best girlfriend I could be for him. I've tried to forget about him and move on but he's in my head 24/7 sometimes I forget we broke up and still have it in my head but he's going to send me a morning text and other little things he used to do for me like that. I cry myself to sleep every night over him and I can't even look at him anymore when I see him or I'll burst.
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How do I get over my first love?
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