Should I break up with my boyfriend or not?

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now. Honestly, he is a great guy, never fights with me and does whatever I need. But I realize that I'm just not completely happy. I am also not physically attracted to him and I always ignored it but I just can't anymore. It influences a lot of things. When I go out I see other guys and I wish I could just go talk to them and not have to worry about any boundaries. My best friend is extremely gorgeous and I absolutely love it when he's comes around. I feel like he makes me more happy than he should. I am seriously lost...please help!


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  • its a tough one. but if he's a great guy stick with him. Because looks go away. Not only other guys', but yours will also go away. If you already have a good thing going, then why would you risk other guys and see whether its good as well or not. 2 years is a lot, so you two can practically talk about anything. So you should discuss this with him maturely and give him advise on how to change himself. Perhaps, a new wardrobe, joining a gym and/or getting a new haircut. Something that would make you attracted to him again. Discuss it. If you just break up, you'l break his heart. And in the long run you will regret it because like you said yourself, he's a great guy.

    Btw, I speak from experience, I have been dumped by a girl for similar reason but she still is attracted to me. Just wanted to see what else is out there. We were happy together but she perhaps she wanted to see if there's anything better out there for her. I would have married her and tried to make her the happiest girl in the world. But oh well, I got my heart broken.

    Anyways, my advice to you would be to see if this guy really loves you and makes you happy, then stick with him.


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  • Well you could always give him a paper bag ;)

    seriously though, unless he's already in shape, try to get him to workout more or tone up, it makes practically everyone look better. Maybe you can tell him your going to start and you want him to be your partner..

  • What if a guy was with you and everything was going great in your eyes, but then he dumps you because you are not attractive to him after 2 years? You were great to him, did everything for him, you are the girl that many guys ask for, then he just leaves for that reason? This happens to guys all the time and girls think it's right, but if a guy does something even close to this he would be the bad guy for dumping someone that is so great to him. If you leave him, what makes you think that you would be happy with someone else just because they look good? It's girls like you that makes guys out there turn into jerks, and a-holes. I have been dumped for this reason by a couple of girls and they have tried to be "friends" with me afterward and I said no. So now if you end up breaking up with this guy that is so great to you, be prepared to be with good looking guys that will "use" you, treat you wrong, disrespect you, and leave you for reasons like this. So live it up...


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