A man I loved broke my heart?

We were never official. But I wrote him this. I had to end it. Thoughts?

“It’s the same story with you. I’m just looking for a different ending.

We made a lot of great music together. Reach out to me some other way if anything clicks. Would be nice to get something with you after all this and i’m going to hustle like no other to work the art across the water and here.

After a deeply humiliating day, on what should be the opposite, this is goodbye. You and I both know we were never just friends. And it wasn’t just the other thing. We were somewhere in this grey zone. Not definable. And I was okay with that. But u never hurt me. Today u did. Your words, how u handled this, not protecting the edges, i hurt myself. So i’m out.

I don’t love you anymore.

And in this grey zone,
I would have loved you forever.

Now go.”
A man I loved broke my heart?
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