Ex girlfriend & I are friends, how do I know if she wants me back..?

3 moths we dated. Got very close. Always together. Extremely happy. Both laughing & smiling. Connected on a physical & emotional level. Though I found my soul mate. Then 3 weeks ago, she broke up with me. Said she "felt" that I wasn't the one for her to be with long term. Said she would feel something extra special and 'just know it' when she meets the guy she is supposed to get married to. After 10 days of no contact, we started messaging each other. Phone calls to.


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  • ask her why she doesn't feel it with you...

    maybe there is something you do or don't do and that'll help you understand more.

    otherwise, just be her friend. some times it's better to be a friend then be nothing at all to a really great person.

    I know I had a few people who would have loved to date me and marry me, but I didn't "feel" that thing towards them so we were just friends and continue to call and email and hang out etc. But I married someone else later on and I'm still good friends with these guys.

    • Thanks. I did ask her She said she can't explain it.

      Why didn't you 'feel' towards any of the other guys? Was it not enough attraction, or were they too clingy needy etc.. too nice? Please let me know. Thanks.

    • One guy was too immature, some of them had hobbies I wasn't into, some of them drinked or clubbed too much, some of them smoked and wouldn't give it up, stuff like that... or their personality was too strong, or they seemed controlling and such, little things like that.

    • Thank you. I did maintain being friends. and last night she made a move on me and we had a 15 - 20 minute make out session. now I'm even more confused. she's says things like "we have amazing chemistry" and that she wants to kiss me when she's around me: I think it could be hormones or something. I don't know what the heck to do? The more I push away, the more she wants to be with me. when I am calilng, texting, being clingy and even needy, she hesitates and says she doesn't think it will work out

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  • you dated three moths?! lol. moths. sorry I had to point out your typo, it just struck my funny bone. I have for some reason always found the word moth hilarious. idk, I'm a freak. lol. but ANYWAYS... my advice is that you give her a little more time, but still maintain a friendship. and then after a while tell her that you love her, and that if there is anything that you can do to make her happy and to make the relationship work, you will do it. because you love her.


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  • You can decode her words with this ==> link


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