Why do guys take so long in admitting they were wrong to break up with you?

Me and my ex (now boyfriend) started going out again a week ago. We had been broken up for very nearly 5 months (before we broke up we were going out for 1 year and 3 months).

The reason for the split was that he couldn't put up with my moods etc anymore.

We got back together as he said that he made the a really big mistake in breaking up with me and instead should of just asking for a bit of space. And that he didn't break up with me because he didn't love me anymore it was just because he didn't think he was fed up with my moods. He also said that there were a few times that just made him realize that he was wrong to split up with me and he hasn't been able to sleep properly recently thinking about it. We're now together. We're both 16.

Why did it take him almost 5 months to realise/admit that he was wrong to break up with me...?


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  • easy one...coz we're right when we broke up...but as soon as we c you crying and stuff we tend to say it was wrong just because we feel bad and wanna calm you down...


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