Just been kindly told by my "best friend" that my ex has a new boyfriend.

Me and her dated for 3 years and we've had no communication since the breakup 2 months ago (I deleted my facebook, twitter, etc..) but my friend just told me that she's with somebody else already.

I thought I'd be able to cope by now, but I cant. All I can think about is "who is he?" "what does he look like?" "is he better than me?"

I knew it would happen eventually, but I didn't think she'd find someone new so fast, and I didn't want to be told so soon. Has anyone been in this situation before and can I have help please? :(


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  • I have been in your shoes and I know it sucks. However, what I realized over time was I didn't care if she was with someone "better than me" because I was meeting girls FAR better than her. I realized she wasn't the perfect girl or the only one for me. If anything, she did me a favor by opening my eyes to what I was overlooking.

    • Thank you. All my friends are saying he looks a douche, and he looks "about 12" and the only connection he might have with her is that he does Drama/Theatre at college, so they'll have something in common.

      However, I see what you mean. I'm just not yet in a rebound mood. I'm still moping and I need some motivation. But thanks for your anecdote, it helps. :)

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  • I have been there I dumped my boyfriend and 5 min later he had another one :(

    what I did was I thought..if that's what he is like I can do so much bettter and he really couldn't have liked me that much...We weren't going out for 3 years tho.. I think that everyone if going to hurt when there ex finds someone else... but also try to think why she is your ex and not still your gf

    • I don't know why. She just said she doesn't feel the same about me anymore. It's the lamest excuse ever. She was 14 when we started dating and now she's 17, she must just want to try more boys? I don't know. I seriously think I am the best she'll ever have.. I'm stupidly nice to her but I got treated like crap? I guess I'll have to wait and "get over it"... :(

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    • Not to be difficult, but if YOU are the one doing the dumping, you can't really complain when your ex goes out and finds someone else. Who are you to do that? It doesn't mean they are a bad person. There are girls who get dumped and sleep with a guy that night to validate their attractiveness... what would you say if a guy called that girl a "slut"? I doubt you'd like it.

    • Well the point was, that no ones want to feel like they ment nothing and that they can be replaced....and there is nothing wrong with that. I don't believe in sleepign with someone unless you have been in a realationship with them and really know them.......I think its wrong to call anyone a "slut" cause no one really knows what has happened, But if someone does something that gives people a reason to call then a slut then it's their fault

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  • 2 months isn't fast in my opinion. The last thing you want to do is sit around and think about your ex all the time. I've been through it and it does suck but trust me, girls will find another man and fast if they want to move on. Guys do the same thing.

    The last girl that broke up with me, I just focused on my business much more to keep my mind off her. And when I went out, I would make sure I was meeting new women. Meeting someone new is the best way to get over someone.

    • Unfortunately, I'm not that type of guy. There's not a lot of "options" for girls in my town and especially with the idea that I may be going to university in less than a year, I don't see much point in trying to start a new relationship now. I just feel disheartened that 3 years apparently meant nothing to her. I'm trying to get over her with TV and going out with mates though.. that seems a safer option, because then I'll have gotten over her without forming an attachment to

    • Somebody else. And then have to go through it all over again. She'll have to grieve about me one day anyway.. you don't just skip that stage.

    • Good answer. As much as I miss my ex-fiancee, I realize its over and sitting around not dating and not meeting new people solves nothing. I would like to be engaged and married again, for instance, so how would pining away for my ex get me there?

  • I feel your pain..I've been in the same situation and at least you had the power to delete her from all of your social networks..(I couldn't do it for awhile). Check out what this girl has to say..she can help you out ==> link


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