What's my next move?

She liked my "I must admit..." status so I this on her wall.

Here's what I posted:

I'd like to take you out some time ;)

I have to say I did NOT realize (sister's name) and you were sisters. (my friend) told me and I was like wait, whaaa? Haha that's my slowest moment in a while. Umm since I like being different, I'm going to comment on everyone's default since it's on the left of me. Digging the tongue, your teeth are great, can't see your other eye, but you can pull of the cyclops look haha. Blue dress? Looks like a blue goody bag holding all them goodies, lookin' boy.

The comments:

Ohhhhhhhh, (my name).

Me: Haha what?

Her: I'll tell you when I see you! :)

Me: When will I see you? :)

Her: That's a good question. When will I see you? ahaha.

Me: Why don't we text and we'll figure it out? Okay :)

Her: K(:

Then we barely text, but I asked her when I would see her.

She said "Soon(:"

I asked her a day later, "Friday soon? :)"

She said, "Yes! :) I will see you Friday."

As the question asks, what's my next move?

Now what, suggestions?


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  • Take her out liek you said you would. The place doesn't really matter that much in my opinion. As long as it's not too dirty/ low class you should be good. What you say and how you act would really matter though :) HOpe this helps xD

  • Do what you said, take her out

    • That's what I thought. Should I just text her and be like "Dinner?" or...?

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