She laid her head on my shoulder.

So There Is This Girl I Have Known For About 2months now. Some Of My Friends Think that She is into me but when My cousin asked her a while back she said we are just friends. Today We Were In the auditorium at our college watching a movie presentation so the lights were off obviously. She suddenly told me she was tired and laid her head on my shoulder. All one of my boys said this is good. She then asked me if I could Come with the mall with her tomorrow while she picks up her winter jacket. but since I finish 2hours before her she will wait for me. One of my best friends this is good and that she cares about you think about her. I just think she unfortunately sees me as just a friend.


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  • I think she likes you but is shy about it. Some girls deny it because they don't think the guy likes her back.


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  • As of now you are just friends. I suggest that you ask her if she is hungery. if she is whip your penis out and ask her if she likes cheese steak.


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