My boyfriend of a month texted his ex?

My boyfriend and I have been together a month. Things are going fairly well for the most part. I met my boyfriend while he was dating someone. He told me he loved her but they had a few flaws in their relationship. So basically he left her for me in February and now we’re together.
Last night i asked my boyfriend to use his cell phone and once he gave me his phone it was on him and his exes text message thread. I got mosey and realized that my new boyfriend had texted her the night before. His text was “hey how are you doing?” (Casual message)
I trust my boyfriend but i can tell they really loved each other from reading through their messages from past months. My boyfriend told me he worked with his ex also do even if they don’t talk through a screen he could see her at work. I know my boyfriend told her that we were talking but i don’t think he let her know that we got in a relationship
TL😃R; Accidental text? Checking on her? Trying to be friends? Trying to tell her he’s in a relationship? He met me while with her left her and now we are in a relationship. The text was casual so? I feel like I’m overreacting but i want to keep my guard up
My boyfriend of a month texted his ex?
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