I feel like he's moving too fast, what should I say to him?

I recently ran into my brothers friend, Steve, who I hadn't seen in YEARS. He just got out of a relationship & we both decided to hang out just as friends. So we hung out, he made us a picnic and we went for a hike. Then he right away invited me to a hockey game, awesome seats, didn't even ask my brother! and it's with his parents who I've never met...and he tells me how he told his parents all about me, and then I find out he put a picture of me and him as his background on his computer! and we've only hung out once. He's already talking about vacations we can go on together...There's tons of other stuff...but yeah I feel like he's moving too fast, what should I say to him? and is this a normal friendly way to act?


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  • Yeah I think he is moving too fats, might push you away. If you dont't to end up giving him the cold shoulders, you should tell him that hes's moving to fast


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  • Well I think you should just sit down and talk to him tell him that you think that use are moving to fast explain to him how you are feeling, its not fair to him if you don't say anything you then you start acting cold towards him because you don't think his acting normal or moving to fast...

    Maybe he is only acting like this because deep down inside he is hurting from his last realationship and trying to push things with you to get over it faster. Just talk to him.


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