Was this horrible of me to do?

A few weeks ago my sweater was stolen at a bar. Tonight, someone left the same sweater but in a different color on the ground at my University. I draped it over a chair and left it there until 1 AM, when I left. Then I took it home... I figured it'd probably not be claimed anyways but now I feel CRAZY guilty. Does this make me a bad person?


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  • technically anything left is supposed to be turned into the cops. and if its not picked up after I think 30 days. its yours to keep. you're not a bad person. if you fix what youve done. question is. do you have the moral fiber to fix it?


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  • Hahaha, no it doesnt. You did left it there like. If they didn't get it by then they didn't want it too much, haahha. Anyway, don't worry ^^Its kinda like, natures natural restoring.


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  • lol it's just a sweater. if you have no problems wearing someone else's sweater (when you have no idea where they have been or who they are) then I see no problems.


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