What are the reasons you left your last relationship?

What are the reasons you left your last relationship?


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  • the last guy was awesome, 21 and done with college! He has a great paying job right after also.

    -He drinked too much

    -He called me "retard" after I tried getting money from the atm for him and there was no money in the atm but he thought it was because I was stupid and didn't know how to use the atm

    -after saying I love you to me, I didn't say it back and he called me a b*tch

    -he complained the whole entire time we went kayaking

    -he complained about his food when we went to an asian restaurant (I am asian by the way)

    -At a party where I almost got beaten up by someone who hated me, he thought I was a "coward" for leaving, when if I didn't leave I would have gotten beaten up! He wanted me to get beaten up or something?

    -he had a whole entire summer off, and he could have stayed with me all summer but he chose to go surfing all summer (he lives like 4 hours away, so I couldn't just go be with him because I had a full time job)

    -he made fun of my job

    -he made fun of my acne

    -he made fun of some of my friend's friends

    after I said lets take a break, he said "ok" then a month later I said I missed him and wanted to get back together but he said "no" and that hurt me!

    Then I found someone new... the new guy was so much better for me so we're still together for a year now

    • Why were you involved with this guy in the first place and how does it take for you to left this relationship?

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    • Who knows... I am not with him now but he was a great catch. He's rich too. His family owns the only furniture store in their city. He is friends with really rich people (like owners of the country club). He is smart and finished college early, and he has a super great job... I mean I do admire him. But he wasn't the one for me. He obviously didn't really admire me so it probably would not have worked out.

    • What was he studying?

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  • hmmm well I had been talking to this guy for a few weeks... and things where good for a sec but the reason why I kind of decided to look else where was because

    he faked on me (once.) Call me picky, but I didn't care to invesitgate in any time as to why and what he thought was better then to not hang out with me. Maybe he could of been something great but I consider everything and thought its not worth it.

  • I wasn't good enough for him, but he didn't want to break-up with me, he just needed someone he could blame for everything - well, I left him and he was so shocked. He still is and wants me back, but it's not going to happen.

    Nice question btw.

  • Okay, the last guy broke up with me, so I'll move on.

    The guy before was way too clingy and obsessive. He was one of those guys who would get angry and say "You went to the grocery store? Why didn't you tell me?"

    The guy before was way too serious and didn't really know how to have fun. Plus I was too innocent to enjoy the physical things we did.

    The guy before... there was just nothing there. We talked on the phone every night, but we rarely went on dates and we acted like friends when we were together. Of course, we were only 14 at the time.

    The guy before moved way faster than I was used to.

    And finally, the very first guy was just awkward. We "dated" 8 months, went on about 5 dates, and never kissed.

    There you have it! Don't repeat these mistakes! =)

  • well, the last guy was a straight up asshole to me. He ditched e to hang with his other girlfriends all the time.

  • cause the chemistry just wasn't there


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  • She left me, I had no choice? If I could've had it my way...


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