I stumbled upon pictures of one of his ex-girlfriends. What should I do about this..?

I was going through the pictures on my boyfriend's computer (that we share) because we're cleaning it up and moving files so we can do a system restore. Anyway, I was looking for pictures of mine that I wanted to keep or that I knew he'd want to keep, when I stumbled upon pictures of one of his ex-girlfriends. Now, I'd be okay if they were all pictures of him that she had taken or of her kids, but they aren't. About half of them are of her either naked, or just about so in little outfits (similar to what he wants me to wear now...). So, I guess my full question is what should I do? Should I wait until we redo the computer and see if he saved them? Or ask him about it before then?


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  • If the pictures were gone when the computer is restored would you feel better about it? or would you question if he put the pictures on a disc or USB stick or something?

    I guess the question that you have to answer for us is; how long has it been since you two have been together? What are you opinions of the ex? Do you trust your man?

    I do have a solution for you but you might not like it.

    Option A: Don't say a thing about them. Instead edit the pictures and put your face over hers. So if he does keep them he will know you know about them and be more embarassed about them, that he would have to bring it up to you. But that's just me. I play dirty like that.

    Option B: You bring it to his attention that you found some pictures that he needs to go through and you placed them all in a folder for his review of which he would like to keep or which he would like to trash. Put those pictures in there.

    Option C: Rip it off like a bandaid and tell him what you found. Just say that there were pictures that you found that you would like to talk about. If he gets defensive, that is your first hint that he still looks at them or knows that they are there. Down fall on this, he totally forgot they were there. So what would you say to that?

    Option D: Say nothing and wonder about it for a while.

    Option E: Dump his ass and throw the pictures in his face when you walk out the door.

    There are always more options but we'll let you ponder on those for now.

    • Well, we've been together for almost 2 years (Nov. 25). My opinion of her, well, all I know is she broke his heart. (Told him she loved him then the next day left him). And, yes. I trust him. As for which option, I feel as though he might already know that I found them. I said something to him this morning about similar pics of me, if he had moved them or not, and he got kinda defensive "I know where they are. Don't worry about it or look for them." So, I dunno. :/

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    • Thanks. :) I looked through the hard-drive from the last time we had to redo his computer (I never took the stuff off in case we had to do it again) and they're there from then too. I know how I'm going to do it, though. I'm gonna say I forgot to look through the drive and have him do it and I'll look with him. Then ask him what that folder is once he gets to it, unless he ask it himself (then I'll know he really did forget)

    • Good luck to you.

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  • Ask him. It's not like you were snooping.

    • Yet, while I know I wasn't, he may think I was. He's kind of protective of his things on the computer. :/ Like, again I was looking for things to save of mine, and I started reading one of his college papers. When I mentioned it, he freaked out, almost to the point of yelling (Which he doesn't do.)

    • Then don't ask him. I thought he knew you were doing it.

  • I guarantee he will save them when you redo the computer. They're like a trophy for him. If you have a problem with it you may as well ask him now. But like I said, they're like a trophy for him, that's why he keeps them.


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