Can’t stop thinking about my ex?

Me and my boyfriend broke up in November. He cheated on me and swore to me I was the only girl he was talking to whenever I accused him of acting shady. He started cheating on me in May when we got into an argument and broke up for a few days but got back together. One girl in particular caught my eye questioned him about it he said it was his cousins friend but when I referred to the same girl on another day he told me it was his brothers girl. Found that suspicious as he kept changing his answer.

Anyway we broke up officially in November and he confessed that he cheated on me and got with the girl he cheated on me with. I was absolutely heart broken I was hurting so much he made me get into a very dark place. I was emotional broken up. What made it worse since November his always been in contact with me telling me his sorry that he misses me but his still with that girl. He told me last night that he loves this new girl and think she’s the most prettiest girl his ever met. Completely insulting me. I just can’t stop thinking about him I still love him so much. But have to be wise he cheated on me then he insulted me sent me pictures of them on purpose to hurt me. I just don’t understand what to do anymore is this his way of trying to make me jealous so I get back with him. I don’t know what to do
Can’t stop thinking about my ex?
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