GUYS how do I treat my ex-boyfriend?

OK so he broke up with me for no reason he was cheating on me with more than one girl and didn't treat me good... we were together for four years and I was heartbroken... he added me back on facebook and he talks to me like he kind of wants to get back but he's sometimeish..sometimes he acts like that and other times he doesn't care ...i want to know when I'm talking to him should I be very nice since I forgave him or should I be plain and not say much and cut the convo short... please I need your help I'm confused when I talk to him and also should I talk to him sometimes? or should I only talk to him when he speaks to me?
Very friendly and nice because I forgave him
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Mean because of what he did to me
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Only talk to him when he talks to me and be very dull
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Only talk to him when he says something to me and make the conversation nice and short
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GUYS how do I treat my ex-boyfriend?
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