Becoming friends with your ex?

Let me start off by saying, those that don't believe you can be friends with your ex need not answer.

They guy I was dating for the past couple of months broke up because of distance and because of his insecurities. He was hurt very badly in the past and is now afraid of being intimate with anyone. I'm the first person he has tried to date since. We got very close very quickly. Too quickly in this case. We have decided to stay friends because we both still really care for one another.

the break up was 2 weeks ago - I'm ready to start trying to build our friendship but I'm feeling a little nervous about talking to him for the first time. Do you have an ex that you still talk to - if so how did you start talking again? Any advice is welcome.

**THE guy


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  • OK. let me tell you I believe you can be friends with an ex. in order for it to work, both parties have to be able to accept that its over, there's no more feelings involved and it could be a pure friendship. Its going to work pretty well. Are you sure you are ready to be friends with him? would you be 100% comfortable if he tells you he is seeing someone . If not you re not ready! but being friends with the ex in not imposible

    • Ha. No I can't say 100% I'm ready...but here's the thing I need to ask him something and I'm not sure if I should or even can yet..

    • I mean if you need to ask him something you don't need to be friends for that. And to prove my point if you not sure if you can ask him yet maybe one of you is not ready. if you try being friends before you both are on the same page, it might jeorpardize everything. Best advice . both of you move on for now, then come back fresh and pick a friendship

What Girls Said 1

  • it's possible to be friends especially if you guys still care about each other. I don't think you guys should have to immediately accept that your relationship is so black and white as Wlad suggests. The relationship isn't like normal friendships, so why pretend like it is? You guys just need some time. You can still talk about casual life, friends, school, whatever. Don't think too much about what is OK to talk about and what's not. Just talk, things will be easier after a while. :)


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