How to stop this relationship?

so I’ve been dating this guy for approximately 2 months we met on tinder and well there aren’t any problems on the surface.
the time we spend together is great we give each other space which is non negotiable for me meaning we only text to meet up etc.. It’s very hard for me to get attached only not this time
I actually really like him and I’m starting to want just a little more “exclusivity” i’m Not in love and I don’t even think I have feelings but he makes me want to have some
however my head is just not going along with it, I feel as if, if he wanted more He would let me know I have a bad feeling about it. I have no idea about what he wants.
I’m too proud to have a talk with him I’m even too proud to ask him out most of the time I just wait until I hear the “ping”
We usually spend our weekends together but I haven’t heard from him in four days I even lied and said I lost my SIM card so he would text me with his number yesterday. Now those aren’t healthy things to do I’ve never acted so childish before so I just want to stop and cut my loses.

Now how do I do this respectfully because he’s an amazing person whom I really don’t want to harm.
thanks for your help !
How to stop this relationship?
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