I’m confused with my ex?

My ex and I have been together for 2 years and he dumped me two months ago.

I was okay with it and moved on quickly with my new life.

We went to same events, and I ignored him all the time. He has tried to talk to me many times through face to face but I just ignored him and no eye contacts. He has instead spoke to my best friend about me, and he missed me. He also told best friend that he wants to sort it out with me but...

Why he still blocked me on social media everywhere? When I didn’t actually spoke to him after he dumped me and then he’s telling people that he missed me... and wants to sort it out with me...

How does it work? I do miss him and it would be good for us to talk again like to sort it out but at same time he blocked me on everywhere... it is not helpful at all.
I’m confused with my ex?
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