Is there any hope of us being together?

I met this guy going on a year ago. Maybe I shouldn't have fallen so hard so fast, but I've never connected with someone like that who was so like me. Maybe too much. But we have shared trauma and mental health problems, so that's bonding if toxic (if untreated, which we're both starting now).

The problem was timing. He was too recently out of a long term relationship. And distance since we met on a summer internship. Our relationship quickly went toxic. But if this makes any sense, our mutual health problems still made us close. Codependent perhaps but that's part of our shared issues... And we felt less alone.

That being said, we were really toxic. My pain threshold deteriorated, so while he was starting to recover from his previous ex while we were "just friends", that dynamic tore me apart. I'm at fault for the last fallout, where I said I didn't want to talk to him anymore. I came back the next day crying. It was wrong. Like I said, while our issues bound us, we also fed off each other.

That's probably about when he started talking to another girl, since that's when he now says he finally stopped having feelings for me. I knew that was happening, but he didn't tell me until last night when I asked. But then he said it wasn't serious. He even said it wasn't necessarily over for us, but he saw the toxicity, and we need to get better first (he's right). But he doesn't have feelings for me? He still obviously cares about my wellbeing. When I'm suicidal, he cries. When I have a breakdown, he's there. I'm confused, and it's probably best I don't push him anymore.

After all, I'm visiting right now. The first time since January when we broke up. I noticed him sit a little close to me and lean in, but I could be imagining it.

He's a wonderful person. I really do love him. Had timing been different, had we not lived so far apart, I'm sure we'd have been together a long time. I know I need to focus on myself, but God this hurts. And I'm wondering if we have a prayer.
Is there any hope of us being together?
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