She wants revenge on Derek! Does anyone else think this is twisted?

Okay so my best friend who's 16 broke up with her boyfriend (let's just call him Derek) Derek! And she was devastated partly because it was a 5 month relationship and partly because by being with him she finally started getting invited to parties. So anyways they broke up and their families were still on good terms. Then Derek mom goes "[Cindy] would be great for dereks older brother" so Cindy started getting interested... Then all of a sudden it turns up on my facebook that she's now in a relationship with dereks older brother [mike]! Wtf? But the fact that she's dating her ex's brother doesn't really bother me. I just found out he's 21. W.t.f. I'm trying to be supportive but I just think it's messed up because he only likes this guy because she wants her life back and she wants revenge on Derek! How can I be supportive when I think it's messed up?!?!


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  • I guess it's just her playing games.

    You don't have to be supportive, just let her get on with it.


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