Do guys ever move on from their ex-girlfriends?

i have heard that it takes half the time you were in a relationship to fully get over one. Anyway there is a guy I like and he was in a relationship for 5 years which ended 2-3 years ago. Since then he has just kinda had loads of one-night stands etc with random girls and not another proper relationship.

i was just wondering if guys sometimes think and love that woman for a long time afterward and possibly idealize her as being the perfect woman...therefore making any others seem inadequate compared to their ex. How long does it take to move on and get over her? Do you regret losing you still sometimes want them back? Do you compare your new relationship to the old one?

Please feel free to tell me about your experiences. Thanks! xxx


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  • recovery time-lines for breakups depend on a lot of things, number of relationship experiences, lengths of relationships, age, personality type, nature of breakup, terms of endearment, etc.

    the compare/contrast of previous relationships to the current one always goes on whether consciously or subconsciously...regret only occurs when you miss something in that for the 5 year relationship, it will easily be at least 6 months and much more for the transition based off of the length of the relationship

    • Well its been at least 2.5 years now maybe longer since they broke up. But they broke up because he wouldn't commit to her and marry she dumped him. I know he was apparently upset by it. I think they loved each other. She just wanted to get married and he wouldn't marry her then. he wasn't ready.

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