Should I send her the letter?

So I started dating this girl in Fall 2013, and by Spring 2014 we were in an exclusive relationship. A month after I graduated high school in 2014 although we had a great relationship we broke up because she was Mormon and I wasn't and he had a lot of pressure from her family about it.
I never really got over her, and in March of 2015, after trying to date again, I realized I was madly in love with her.
In November 2015, while I was napping in my car at a sports event, I had a dream of her and it lead me to contact her. After talking with her for a few days, I learned that I hurt her when she broke us up because I broke off all contact and she was upset I tried to contact her. She requested I never contact her again. So, because I couldn't bere to see her love someone else, I deleted my Facebook so I couldn't Snoop on her.
In June of 2016, she messaged me on Instagram because she felt she needed to get in touch with me. Long story short, after a 5 hour phone call and a few weeks if talking. I told her I loved her and we started to date again and she told me she loved me. But she also decided to go on a mission for the church.
I unofficially proposed to her before she left and she said he would officially accept when she came home. Then she sent me engagement ring ideas.
She left on her mission, and really left our relationship harshly because she was trying to ready and focus on her mission.
During our initial emails when she started, I was still upset and she was acting funny. She then sent me a letter on Valentine's day 2017 that she couldn't be in my life anymore.
But in June 2017, I reached out to her and apologized and tried to fight for our relationship. I could tell she was extremely conflicted and she said she loved me still but wasn't in love with me. And we haven't spoken since.
She returns in June of this year. And I know things will change, and I wanted to send a letter to her with a way to contact me once she returns to normal. Good idea?
Should I send her the letter?
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