My ex is overreacting again, should I feel bad? Cause I do..

OK so long story short, we've been broken up for a while, but somehow always managed to continue to act like we were together. he cheated on me, that's why we broke up. I'm trying to distance myself from him, but every time I always feel like I should always make it better, even when he is in the wrong. this has made him take me for granted, and he's pretty much just messing with my head on purpose now. I've gotten to a point where I'm not even defending myself, I'll just take the mean names and comments, and apologize. my self esteem is pretty much non existent.

so anyway, we're not friends on facebook, and he can't see my page, so tonight he snooped on a friends page to see what I was up too. he found out that I was dressing up for Halloween, and got the sh*ts cause of the costume I'm wearing he told me not to reply, cause he won't write back. we're not even together? and he was the one who didn't want to keep trying.

so anyways, instead of not trying, I'd just had enough. I sent him the biggest crankiest email in the history of the world simply pointing out that we clearly didn't have a friendship. and that he was willing to ignore me after one thing when I had just got over so many things he'd done, there was a lot. it was a long list, but I was venting at the time.

The annoying thing is, I'm freaking out because as much as he sh*ts me off. I don't wanna lose him. but he doesn't respect me at all. the idea of him not talking to me is hurting me. and I'm sick of having this sick feeling in my stomach constantly. I don't want to apologize cause I always do. what should I do? I'm still cranky, but I'm scared cause I think this might be it this time, like he threatened it so many times before, but what if he's serious? please help?


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  • I've been in a somewhat simular situation, its really sucky... the only advice I could give from personal experience is completely stop all contact with him. If he can't respect you and talk to you those are just big red flags telling you he doesn't care.

    If he doesn't care you shouldn't be putting all that you are into something that can't be fixed and if its anything like what I went through if you don't stop all types of contact with him he will just keep manipulating you and making you feel bad in many different ways. It really hurts, but make a new email address, change your phone number, and just try and get out with your friends and start doing other things to get your mind off him completely as best you can.


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