Should I move on, on continue trying?

OK here it goes I started seeing this man I've known for many years a few months ago, I fell in love, I told him.. After that he waited a couple weeks and told me he was in love with a married woman, at first I thought he was running scared.. So I did a little snooping around because he really hurt me.. Come to find out there is a married woman he has been talking to but she lives 100 miles away, but he tells her he loves her... I can't get him out of my mind, I continue to talk to him and do things for him..I am at the end of my rope don't know what to do..I asked him a few days ago if he still loved this woman and he said yes, and I asked what I was because of course we have slept together and enjoyed many nights out together,his response was a Friend, my response was friends don't sleep together what do I do..Should I continue to pursue him or move on?


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  • you should move on...this scenario has a lot of consequences


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