If you ask someone if they fancy someone?

and they reply with the answer 'i don't know' what is that most likely to mean? that they are unsure, they like them but don't want to admit or that its a no but they don't wanna say that.


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  • body language is important when you are trying to read people. if that person was somewhat inscure looking as in crossing arms or whatnot, they might be telling a lie or trying to hide something.

    are you close with that person? if not the person may think someone else is trying to pry or someone fancies them or something else, usually people ask for a reason, not out of random curiosity... people are too complicated.. its annoying D:<

    if they are close to you, then that person maybe be confused/unsure.

    • I haven't asked the person, people have asked him, and told me stuff. its a weird thing. I'm unsure whether I like him anyways, but I don't want to make an effort of talking to him more if its pointless.

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  • it's a 51/49 decision of no


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  • if someone asked me that and I said I don't know it would either be because

    i find them attrative just don't know enough about them to say I like them


    that I don't like them and don't want to be mean by blatantly saying no,

    • Thats the reason I say I don't know to too. but its about someone else, I wanna find out what their 'dont know' means, its so frustrating :/

    • Haha yea I know , well you could ask a mutual friend like someone you both know ask him what he is like and maybe he'll know what it means if he says it.

    • Sometihng happened when we were drunk at a party. and people have asked him do you like her and he just says he doesn't know. we haven't talked since, it feels awkard.

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