Should I delete my ex off Facebook?

We broke up 2 months ago. I was leaving his country and combined with the fact that I discovered he was cheating on me, I had no choice but to break up with him. Now I'm back home though, it would be really easy for me to cut off all contact with him but the thought of deleting him off Facebook scares me. We dated for 3 years and the only way I have of contacting him is via Skype, Facebook or email. So if I delete him, it means completely letting go and never looking back. It means that someone I've been so close to for 3 years is just cut out of my life. On the one hand, I know it would really help me to move on but at the same time I'm not sure if I can bare to lose him. It's strange because I was the dumper yet at the moment I seem to miss him 10 times more. It's always me contacting him. He's really nice to me but never talks about the break-up or us. Deleting him might be my chance to move on but it also means losing him. I don't know what to do. Do you think deleting him would make him realize what he's missing and want me back? Or do you think he'd just quickly forget about me? By the way I think he's also skyping this Thai girl recently. Do you think this is just a male thing to do to get over a break-up and he's trying to fill the hole that I left (we used to Skype everyday) or do you think that he's just moved on already? Advice from guys in particular would be much appreciated :)


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  • Just delete him. He cheated on you and you left. You need to move on.


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