No ring yet. Should I dump him?

It's been 1 year and 4 months of dating. He's 41, I'm 28. We get along great regardless of the age gap because he's into his toys (motorcycles & race cars) while I'm a mommy of a 3 year old from a previous relationship. He's obviously older and said he wants marriage and a child very soon.

He RENTS his 2 bedroom apartment and spends all the money on his car stuff. Even when we go out to eat he rarely pays for my meals! He doesn't really buy me gifts except for special occasions. (i'm not a materialistic person but I'm poor as all get out!) Living with parents, on government assistance... sometimes I get stressed on how to afford food each month! Anyway, we are taking a premarital course now at church. Only a month to go until it's over! We aren't having sex either and that's getting difficult. So here I thought he'd ask me soon. We have a little weekend getaway coming up to another state. But then he flat out told me last week a proposal isn't happening during our trip. I've been pretty crushed ever since!

How much longer should I wait for this guy? He complains how I'm emotional and need to work on myself. I feel like there is all this pressure to be perfect. Yet I serve in other ways like cooking dinners, cleaning his place and always traveling to him several times a week. I do suffer from anxiety issues and past traumas and this seems to really wear on him because he doesn't know how to help me. (Isn't that what therapists are for?)

We do really compliment each other and love each other though. I have never felt so connected to another person, and we have not gone a day without communicating in some form. Plus he has a wonderful connection with my daughter. I couldn't imagine getting back into that dating scene! But here I am. I'm still young, I have a lot of love to give and I'm worthy of having a man being so excited to put a ring on it and show the world i'm his! What's with my guy? When should I throw in the towel and call it quits?
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No ring yet. Should I dump him?
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